About Us

With the increasing prominence of mobile-derived traffic data and emergence of AI, machine learning and data-driven approaches have fundamentally changed how we manage mobility in our cities.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, we are pioneering a unique set of AI solutions specialized for the transport industry. Utilising AI, we push the boundaries of what is possible today towards a cleaner, smarter and more sustainable future.

Our expertise

The unique intersection of AI with a deep understanding of transport systems, mobility and Smart Cities.

Our values


We seek greatness and try our best in everything we do.


We believe that finding good answers begins with asking tough questions. We are passionate about innovation and believe there are always new things to find out, if we go looking for them.


Our commitment is to communicate with utmost honesty and act with integrity.


We believe that best results can be achieved by collaboration and partnerships.


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PeakHour Urban Technologies