PeakHour Crowd is a foot traffic simulation and analysis tool.

Major airport and railway stations in big cities are getting more congested. This trend is restraining the service provision capability of the rail networks and poses safety risks. The growing complexity makes the traditional manual surveillance and decision making by station staff inadequate and inefficient.

Utilising AI, we have developed a suite of advanced technologies, to measure real-time crowding level, predict passenger flow changes over the time, and recommend suitable interventions. These configurable solutions work in tandem with PeakHour Crowd Simulation engine to forecast short term crowd densities, implement crowd management strategies, and test safety protocols.

Scientifically Validated

Unlike other pedestrian simulation software, over 1000 real experiments were funded, performed, and analysed. This formed the basis of the accurate understanding of people’s choices in various scenarios. This data fed directly into developing the most accurate behavioural algorithms on the market.


Easy-to-use Interface

The software has been designed to be an all-in-one tool that makes it easy for any untrained user to jump right in and start creating simulation environments. Developed using the powerful Unity engine, the graphical finesse and interactive nature of the software make it extremely easy to use.


PeakHour Crowd

Easily create environments to generate simulations across a wide range of pedestrian scenarios using the sophisticated modelling behavioural algorithms based on real research to test and design commercial plans to enhance crowd management, throughput and safety.

PeakHour Crowd is intuitively designed to make it extremely easy for the untrained user to quickly create and analyse pedestrian environments, with capabilities ranging anywhere from public transport stations to airports and sports venues.


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